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Production and Profit Maximization

This category introduces various measures of revenue, cost and profit and shows how firms make production decisions to maximize profit.
  1. Practice Problems - Revenue Cost Profit (1)
  2. Production Possibilities Frontier (1)
  3. The Production Function (3)

Introduction to Revenue
This article gives an overview of the different ways to measure revenue.

The Costs of Production
This article outlines different ways to measure the costs of production.

Cost Minimization

Calculating Profit
This article explains how to calculate a company's economic profit and explains the difference between accounting profit and economic profit.

Cost Curves

The Relationship Between Average and Marginal Cost

Cost Curves Part 2 - Average and Marginal Costs

Marginal Revenue and the Demand Curve
This article explains the relationship between the marginal revenue curve and the demand curve.

Economies of Scale

Profit Maximization
This article outlines the condition for maximizing profit.

Graphing Profit
This article shows how to show the amount of profit that a firm makes graphically.

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