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Get the Most out of your Economics Class


So you have enrolled in Economics? Great! Economics is an excellent way to impact of developments in business, society and the world economy. You can get an interesting job with a major in Economics but you can also use the knowledge and skills you gain in an Economics class in other areas of study. Either way - you should try and get the most you can out of your economics class. Follow these tips and strategies and you will!
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Prepare for class! This might seem obvious but it is amazing how many students go to class without being prepared. If you prepare for class not only will you have a better understanding of the material, you will also be able to ask questions of anything you do not understand. This is a great way for the professor to get to know you as well as for you to really get to know the material.

  2. To prepare for class you should:

    1. Read the material assigned:

      • Read it actively - do not just highlight, write notes.
      • Write down any questions you have

    2. Answer any questions:

      • Your assignment
      • Your textbook
      • Your syllabus

    3. Write down your answers and bring them to class.

  3. In class you should:

    1. Arrive at class early

    2. Make sure you have a seat near the front of the lecture room or hall

    3. Take notes! This is very important, espically if your professor is boring. Taking notes will help you stay awake and give you something to study from later.

    4. If there is time, ask any questions you had. Remember everyone has questions – if you ask one it is likely many other people in your class had the same question

  4. After class you should:

    1. Rewrite your class and reading notes. Try to incorporate the information together to see how it all fits. Rewriting your notes helps you remember the material and it will give leave you with a very readable and complete set of notes to review when you are getting ready for the exams.

    2. Talk over the class with some classmates. A lot of the time reviewing material out loud can help you remember it. Also this will give you a chance to ask your friends for claficiation.

  5. Visit your professor during his or her office hours. Ask him or her any questions you have and get extra questions and readings if you are struggling!


  1. In the next few weeks we will cover how to make effective notes, how to ask your professor questions, and how to study for economics quizzes, tests and exams!

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