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Government Regulation

An examination of government regulation and the role governments play in the economy.

Bottled Water Bans and Substitution Effects

As an economist who also supports environmental topics, I often get asked if it's hard to reconcile the two. I usually answer "not at all - many policies are both good economics and good for the environment". But I understand where people get the idea that the two must conflict when I see poorly thought out environmental policies such as bottled water bans.

Does Parecon Lead to a Lack of Specialization?

An e-mail from a reader who argues that Parecon does not lead to a reduction of job specialization.

A More Economically Efficient Kind of Gun Control?

A More Economically Efficient Kind of Gun Control? An article on gun control and insurance markets. Use of the economic way of thinking.

If Banning Incandescent Light Bulbs Saves Money, Is It Good Public Policy? No.

A discussion of the costs and benefits of banning incandescent light bulbs. A response to a comment on "Should Governments Ban the Incandescent Lightbulb?"

Should ATM Fees Be Regulated By the Government?

A discussion of whether or not ATM fees should be regulated or controlled by the government.

The Insanity of Parecon and the Importance of Efficiency of Specialization

An examination of the 'parecon' or 'participatory economics' philosophy and just one of the many drawbacks it has. We also examine the importance of specialization.

Regulation and Control in the U.S. Economy

A look at the use of regulation and control in the U.S. economy.

Government's Role in the Economy

A look at the role government plays in the economy.
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