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Economic History
  1. U.S. Economic History

Bartering on Insanity: The Economic Aspect of the Civil War

An essay by David Hoffer which looks at the role bartering played in the Civil War.

A Brief History and Analysis of Scottish Free Banking, 1716-1845

An essay by Michael Crook which examines the Scottish Free Banking system.

Comment on Marx's Theory of Money and Alienation

An essay by Jia Wei which examines Marx's theory of alienation.

The Economics of Barbarism - Hitler's New Economic Order - A Book by K

Book review of The Economics of Barbarism, 1942, International Press. Explains how Hitler and Goering changed the face of the European economy to suit the desires of a few Nazi Monopolists.

Economic Look Into the Catholic Church's Use of Indulgences

An essay by David Hoffer which looks at the economics of the Catholic Church's use of indulgences.

Germany Between the Wars - Economics Term Paper

A term paper which looks at the economy of Germany between World War I and World War II
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