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Applying to Graduate School in Economics Resources

Thinking of applying to Graduate School? Here are some resources that will help making your decision on which economics programs to apply to easier.

Ph.D in Economics - Tips for Applying to and Succeeding In Grad School

Many students consider completing a Ph.D. in economics. Is a Ph.D. in economics right for you? How can you better improve your odds of completing the program?

Math Camp for Economics Graduate Students

The article asks - "Why do Ph.D. students in Economics attend math camp, when many of them know so little economics? Should they not go to economic way of thinking camp"?

One Student's PhD Economics Experience

One student describes his experiences as a PhD student in Economics

Why Get an Economics Ph.D?

Mike Moffatt examines a couple of blog discussions about who should consider attempting a Ph.D. in economics.

Where Can I Get Economics Department Rankings?

"Where Can I Get Economics Department Rankings" looks at different lists which ranks graduate schools in economics.

6 Things Your College Graduate Must Do

Congrats Mom and Dad, you just got a raise! One of your largest liabilities-college tuition-has just disappeared forever (or at least until your kid enrolls in grad school.) While you're thinking of what changes to make in your own financial life, you may want to offer the following financial advice to your graduate.

Choosing a Graduate School in Economics

An article which discusses factors you'll want to consider when deciding which graduate schools to apply to. A must read if you're considering doing graduate work in economics.

Books to Study Before Going to Graduate School in Economics

Worried that you might not be prepared for graduate school? Here are some books you may want to read to prepare you for studying microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics etc. at the graduate level. A must read article if you're considering doing graduate work.

More Books for Economics Graduate School

More Books for Economics Graduate School - Here's one of the many e-mails I received regarding my "Books to Study Before Going to Graduate School in Economics" article. I thought you may be interested in hearing the viewpoints of another reader.

Which Graduate Programs are Keynesian?

A question from a reader: Which graduate programs in economics study Keynesian macroeconomics?

Consider Lifestyle When Choosing An Economics Graduate Department

A former graduate student in economics gives advice on things to consider when considering which graduate programs in economics you will apply to.

A Letter From a Former Graduate Student in Economics

Whenever I write an article on graduate school I end up getting a few e-mails from current and former graduate student in Economics. Most of the time I just reply privately, but particularly interesting ones like this one should be shared for the benefit of all.

The 2004 Moffatt Prize in Economic Writing

Are you interested in doing graduate work in economics or in getting a job after you graduate? Of course you are! The problem is that being in school for your whole life can leave your resume a little lacking. If only you could put something on your job or school application that put you head and shoulders above the other contenders!
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