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Economics - By Category

Economics Basics
This category gives an overview of what economics is and what readers need to know when they first start studying economics.

Supply and Demand
This category goes through the basics of the supply and demand model that is widely used in economics.

Measuring Economic Value
This category introduces measures of economic value and shows how to calculate the value that markets create.

Consumer Choice and Utility Maximization
This category introduces the utility maximization framework and shows how consumers' demand is derived.

Production and Profit Maximization
This category introduces various measures of revenue, cost and profit and shows how firms make production decisions to maximize profit.

Types of Markets
This category gives an overview of different types of market structures and describes how prices and quantities are set in each.

International Trade
This category covers topics associated with international trade. It introduces the production possibilities frontier, discusses economic welfare implications of international trade and discusses issues in open-economy macroeconomics.

The Effect of Regulation on Markets
This category analyzes the impact of various types of government intervention on the amount of value created in a market.

Externalities and Public Goods
This category introduces the concept of externalities, or market side effects, and discusses the effect of externalities on the value created by a market. It also introduces various types of goods that result in market failures.

Measuring Output, Income and Prices
This category introduces various measures of aggregate output and income. It also defines several ways to calculate changes in the overall price level in an economy.

Income Distribution
This category introduces several measures of income distribution and income inequality. It also discusses poverty and unemployment.

Business Cycles and Economic Growth
This category describes a model of economic growth and introduces the concept of business cycles.

Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy
This category describes the effects of monetary and fiscal policy on the economy. It also analyzes the tradeoff between inflation and unemployment.

Notable Economists
This category gives biographies of some well-known economists and discusses their contributions to the field of economics.

Fields of Eonomics and Economics Careers
This category gives an overview of a number of subfields within economics and discusses some careers one can have with an economics degree.


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