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Resources for Economics Students
Are you a student having trouble in your economics class? These resources should help you get an A in economics. We've got economics term paper help, economics test aids, practice quizzes in economics, and data sources for your economics or econometrics project.

Economics Term Paper Help
Have an economics term paper due, and you don't know where to begin? Look no further than here! We've got suitable topics for economics papers, advice on how to get the best grade possible and even sample term papers you can get ideas from!

Economics Test Aids
A list of sites that will help you perform better on your economics test, GRE, and GRE Economics test.

Macroeconomics Tips and Tricks
Having trouble in your Macroeconomics course? These Macroeconomic lessons, tips, quizzes, and resources will help you ace your Macro course!

Microeconomics Tips and Tricks
Having trouble in your Microeconomics course? These Microeconomic lessons, tips, quizzes, and resources will help you ace your Micro course!

Data Sources for Economics Projects
A collection of links to web pages that have downloadable data. Collecting the necessary data is probably the toughest thing to do in completing an Econometrics project.

Economics Book Reviews
Want to know if you should buy the latest Economics book? Here are a number of book reviews which will help you make an informed purchase.

Economic Issues of Interest
Here are a number of current economic issues. These economic issues would make topics for great term papers.

Macroeconomic Resources
Resources dealing with Macroeconomics. Find links to publications, information, Macro societies and Macroeconomic news.

Macroeconomic Analysis and Research
These links will help you find the macroeconomic analysis and research that you're looking for. Most western governments have agencies designed to study the macroeconomy of their country and that research policy ideas to help their macroeconomy grow.

Macroeconomic Business Cycles
Want to know everything there is to know about macroeconomics and the business cycle? These articles and links will give you detailed information on recessions, depressions, booms, busts and what causes all aspects of the business cycle.

Developmental Economics
Research on the economies of developing countries is a hot topic in Economics due to the current debate about globalization. Learn about sustainable development and trade to less developed countries.

Federal Reserve System
Information on the U.S. Federal Reserve System's four functions. Details on the structure of the Federal Reserve System and the twelve regional reserve banks is included.

Financial Economics and Investment Info
Resources on stocks, bonds, options, annuities, derivatives and other financial instruments. These financial economics and finance Sites include everything from data to definitions.

Information on Inflation
Inflation: "Having a little inflation is like being a little pregnant--inflation feeds on itself and quickly passes the "little" mark." - Dian Cohen

Interest Rates and Macroeconomics
Want to know what determines the interest rate on your saving bond, mortgage or car loan? Interest rates are very important macroeconomic variables.

Money and Monetary Economics
"Certainly there are things in life that money can't buy, but it's very funny -- Did you ever try buying them without money?" -- Ogden Nash

Macroeconomic Schools of Thought
There are many different schools of thought in Macroeconomics. Learn about Austrian Macroeconomics, Marxist Macroeconomics, Neo-Classical Macroeconomics, Keynesian Macroeconomics and Open Economy Macroeconomics.

The Stock Market and Financial Economics
Learn about how the stock market works and it's relationship to the economy. All the information you need on stock market economics is here.

Tax Policy and Macroeconomic Growth
It's been widely known that tax policies and changes in tax policy large effect the rate of growth of an economy and the distribution of wealth of a country. The relationship between tax policy and the economy examined here.

Looking for the homepage of a particular Economist? Want to know where your old college professor is now teaching? These links will help you find the Economist or Economics Department you're looking for.

Biographies of Famous Economists
Here are resources if you'd like a biography of a particular economist. We've got biographies of economists from nobel prize winners to intelligent economists you might not have heard of.

Nobel Prize Winners in Economics
The homepages of former winners of The Nobel Prize in Economics. Learn more about Economics Nobel Prize Laureates here.

Economic Research Organizations
Economic research is not limited to governmental organization. Many universities and colleges have economic research institutes, as do corporations and advocacy groups.

Working Papers on Economic Subjects
Sources of working papers written by mainly academic Economists. Subjects range from Urban Economics to International Trade to Econometrics.

Other Fields in Economics
Learn about such fields as: health economics, agricultural and natural resource economics, economic law, property rights, econometrics, game theory, sports economics and microeconomics.

Game Theory Resources
Game Theory is one of the most useful tools in Economic Analysis and is very widely used. Find out more about the topic here.

Econometrics Resources
Resources for Econometrics

Microeconomic Resources
Resources for Microeconomics is a list of links which will help you understand microeconomics better, or get the information you need for a microeconomics research essay.

Sports Economics and Public Policy
With rising athlete salaries and leagues putting caps on how much teams can spend, sports economics has become a hot topic. The costs and benefits to cities and states building arenas is another widely contested issue.

Health Economics and Healthcare Policy
The economics of providing health care. Reports, journal articles, research and statistics are available. This is a field of public policy which is growing in importance due to the concern over bioterrorism attacks.

Agricultural and Resource Economics
Information, articles, and organizations dealing with agricultural economics and natural resources. These include both governmental resources and information provided by private individuals and groups.

Economic Law
Economic law is a hot topic in economics as legal disputes are quite common in economics because there is often disputes dealing with property rights or how to interpret a clause in a contract. Links to economic law, legal precedents and arbitration results are in this section.

Property Rights, File Sharing and MP3s
Articles and websites dealing with the development of MP3 and file sharing technology and the economic impact it may or may not be having on the recording industry.

Top Economics Books
Here are a list of the best economics books in a particular subject area. The books in each area range from ones targeted to economists to ones designed for absolute beginners, so there is something in each area for everyone.

Econometrics Software and Guides
A collection of econometrics software, computing guides, and computational methods. Computational methods are particularly important in Industrial Organization, Labor Economics, and Macroeconomics.

Austrian Economics
Resources for those interested in classic liberalism and Austrian Economics. Learn about the works of Hayek, von Mises and Menger.

Marxism and Marxist Economics
Given the horrible experiences of the Soviet Union, Cuba, and North Korean, Marxist Economics is no longer in the mainstream in the Western World. However there are some macroeconomists still studying Marxist Economics believing that one day a truly Marxist state can be formed.

Open Economy Economics
Open Economy Economics is a field interested in looking at such macroeconomic phenomenon such as exchange rates, balance of trade, tarrifs and subsidies and import quotas.

Neoclassical Macroeconomics
Neoclassical Macroeconomics is most commonly associated with Milton Friedman, and is currently the dominant school of thought in macroeconomics. Learn about the work of neoclassical macroeconomists and the "five good guys" of Chicago, Northwestern, Minnesota, Penn, and Rochester.

Keynesian Economics
Keynesian Economics was so dominant after World War II, Richard Nixon remarked "we're all Keynesians now". Milton Friedman and his neo-classical economics has now become the largest school of thought in Macroeconomics, but the work of Keynes and Keynesian Economics is still very widely studied.

Test aids for the GRE and GRE Economics
Interested in doing graduate work in Economics? Then you'll have to write and do well on the GRE general test, and possibly the GRE Economics Test as well. A very high score on your GRE Economics Test will open up a lot of doors for you. These links will help you ace your tests and get into the school of your choice.

Government Subsidies for Sports Stadiums
Governments, particularly those at the state and municipal level will often give tax breaks or money in order to have a sports stadium built in a city. Such plans are highly controversial among economists, who feel that government financing of stadiums is a bad investment.

Baseball Economics
With the "big market" vs. "small market" issue not willing to die, baseball economics is a hotly debated issue. Get all the facts and figures you need to win a bar argument on baseball economics here.

Economists and Economics Departments
Want to find the homepage of your favorite economist? Need to know which economics deparments have economics Ph.D. programs? All the info you need on economics departments is here.

Entries For The 2004 Moffatt Prize
Entries for "The 2004 Moffatt Prize in Economic Writing"

Glossary of Economics Terms
Glossary of Economics Terms

Guest Economics Writers For About.com
Guest Economics Writers For About.com

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