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Why Are Tariffs Preferable to Quotas? - Economics - About.com
In this article we look at why tariffs are often preferred to import quotas. There's a few reasons why tariffs are more desirable than quotas.
Tarriffs and Trade Quotas - Economics - About.com
Tariffs and quantative restrictions (commonly known as import quotas) both serve the purpose of controlling the number of foreign products that can enter the ...
The Economic Effect of Tariffs - Economics - About.com
Globalization & International Trade Resources · Tarriffs and Trade Quotas ... import quotas, a sum that greatly exceeded the average earnings of a textile worker.
quota - Linux Command - Unix Command
Linux / Unix Command Library: quota. Learn about its synopsis, description, options, and examples.
quotacheck - Linux Command - Unix Command
If the quota file is corrupted, quotacheck tries to save as much data as possible. Rescuing data may need user intervention. With no additional options ...
What is a Quota? - Sales - About.com
A quota, or sales goal, is a set amount of selling that a salesperson is expected to meet over a given time frame. Nearly all companies set quotas for their ...
Tying Sales Compensation to Sales Quotas - About.com
Getting your sales team to meet – and exceed – their quotas can be as simple as setting up the proper reward structure.
quotaon - Linux Command - Unix Command
quotaon announces to the system that disk quotas should be enabled on one or more filesystems. The filesystem quota files must be present in the root directory ...
repquota - Linux Command - Unix Command
repquota prints a summary of the disc usage and quotas for the specified file systems. For each user the current number of files and amount of space (in ...
Understanding Sales Quotas: Part 1 of 2 - Sales Careers - About.com
Love them or hate them, sales positions and quotas go hand in hand. While most every sales professional is assigned a quota, many do not understand how ...
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