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Notable Economists - Economics - About.com
Notable Economists. This category gives biographies of some well-known economists and discusses their contributions to the field of economics.
Economist Janet Yellen - Economics - About.com
notable economists · federal reserve. Janet Yellen, born on August 13, 1946, received a Ph.D. from Yale university in 1971. Yellen started her academic career  ...
Biographies of Famous Economists - Economics - About.com
Biographies of Famous Economists, such as Eugene Fama, Gordon Tullock, and Joan Robinson.
Should I Earn an Economics Degree? - Business School - About.com
About Economics - This About.com site offers information about the economics field, notable economists, and much more. If you have any economics related ...
Adam Smith - Biography and Life Works - Economics - About.com
A short biography of Scottish economist Adam Smith. ... About Education · Economics . . . Biographies of Economists · Biographies of Famous Economists ...
A short biography of John Maynard Keynes - Economics - About.com
John Maynard Keynes (JMK) is probably one of the most famous economists. He was a British economist. His father was John Neville Keynes a Cambridge ...
Awards and Honors for Economists - Economics - About.com
Not surprisingly, the most prestigious award that a living economist can get is .... Notable Economists · Awards and Honors in Economics; Awards and Honors for  ...
What Do Economists Do? - Economics - About.com
economists, job, purpose of economics. ... What Do Economists Do? is that one first needs a definition of who is an economist. ... and Economic Growth · Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy · Notable Economists · Fields of Econom...
Economist Daniel Kahneman - Economics - About.com
This article gives a brief biography of economist Daniel Kahneman. ... notable economists · behavioral economics. Daniel Kahneman, born on March 5, 1934, ...
The Life and Works of David Ricardo - a Biography - Economics
A short biography of economist David Ricardo. ... Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy · Notable Economists · Fields of Eonomics and Economics Careers · Blog ...
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