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Giffen Goods - the Slope of the Demand Curve
This article introduces the concept of a Giffen good and explains how Giffen goods can occur.
Public and Club Goods and Common Resources in Economics
This article outlines the different types of goods that can exist when property rights are not well-defined.
Externalities and Public Goods - Economics - About.com
... side effects, and discusses the effect of externalities on the value created by a market. It also introduces various types of goods that result in market failures.
Public Goods, Common Resources, and Club Goods - Economics
Most goods that people typically think about are both excludable and rival in consumption, and they are called private goods. These are goods that behave ...
Giffen Good - Economics Glossary Definition - About.com
Giffen Good Defined - A Dictionary Definition of Giffen Good.
Capital Goods Definition, Examples and Effect on Economy
Aug 26, 2014 ... Capital goods are the machinery, equipment and buildings used by businesses to create supply. Find examples and how it differs from ...
The Determinants of Demand - Page 1 - Economics - About.com
Economists categorize items as normal goods or inferior goods on exactly this basis. If a good is a normal good, then the quantity demanded goes up when ...
Economic Good Dictionary Definition - Economics - About.com
Economic Good Defined - A Dictionary Definition of Economic Good.
Calculating Cost of Goods Sold - Required Information
What you need to give your tax preparer to calculate cost of goods sold.
Durable Goods Orders Report: News, How It Predicts Future
Aug 26, 2014 ... In July, durable goods orders rose 22.6%. This leading indicator measures demand for military equipment, commercial airplanes and business ...
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