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Fields of Economics and Economics Careers - About.com
This category gives an overview of a number of subfields within economics and discusses some careers one can have with an economics degree.
What Are the Various Subfields of Economics? - About.com
Economics has many subfields, depending on how finely you wish to divided the science. A useful classification system is provided by The Journal of Economic ...
Macro,Micro, & Other Fields - Economics - About.com
See the question What are the Subfields of Economics? in the Economics FAQ for more detail. For resources on a particular subfield, please use the links below.
Introduction to Behavioral Economics
This article gives an introduction to the field of behavioral economics.
Economic Basics for Beginners in Economics
and "What are the various fields of Economics?" The user path contains a great deal of introductory information for those interested in economics.
Should I Earn an Economics Degree? - Business School - About.com
An economics degree program is the most common education option for students who are interested in becoming economists or working in the economics field.
What Is Economics? - About.com
The Economist's Dictionary of Economics defines economics as "The study of the production, distribution and consumption of wealth in human society.".
The Nobel Prize in Economics - About.com
This prize is considered the most important prize in the field of Economics. The Nobel Prize in Economics rewards "specific discoveries or breakthroughs in the ...
Why Study Economics? - About.com
With an economics degree you can work in a variety of different fields from finance and banking, public policy, sales and marketing, civil service ( government ...
The Winner's Curse - Oil Field Economics and Baseball
A look at oil fields, baseball players, economics, the winner's curse, and game theory.
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