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Externality - Economics Glossary Definition - About.com
An externality is an effect of a purchase or use decision by one set of parties on others who did not have a choice and whose interests were not taken into ...
Externalities - Economics - About.com
This category gives an overview of externalities, or market side effects, outlines different types of externalities and discusses the implications of externalities for ...
Introduction to Externalities - Positive and Negative - Economics
This article introduces the concept of externalities, or market side effects, and explains how they can arise in a market.
Externalities and Public Goods - Economics - About.com
This category introduces the concept of externalities, or market side effects, and discusses the effect of externalities on the value created by a market.
Definition of Network Externalities - Economics - About.com
Network externalities are the effects on a user of a product or service of others using the same or compatible products or services. Positive network externalities  ...
Corrective Taxes for Negative Externalities - Economics - About.com
When a negative externality on production is present in a market, the government can actually increase the value that the market creates for society by imposing ...
Pecuniary Externality - Dictionary Definition of Pecuniary Externality
Pecuniary Externality Defined - A Dictionary Definition of Pecuniary Externality.
Real Externality - Dictionary Definition of Real Externality - Economics
A real externality is an effect of production or transactions on outside parties that affects something entering their production or utility functions directly.
The Coase Theorem - Explanation & Example
Specifically, the Coase Theorem states that "if trade in an externality is possible and there are no transaction costs, bargaining will lead to an efficient outcome ...
The Coase Theorem Issue 3 - Externalities Are Not the Same as ...
Part 3 of the series about issues with the Coase theorem. The third item - The Coase theorem treats externalities the same as non-externalities - but they are very ...
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