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The Circular-Flow Model (Basic Economic Models) - Economics
One of the main basic economic models is the circular-flow model, which describes the flow of money and products throughout the economy in a very simplified ...
Basic Assumptions of Economics - Preferences & Resources
Note that in more complex economic models that this assumption can be weakened, but at a cost of added complexity. This 'rational maximizing behavior'  ...
Discrete Choice Models - Economics - About.com
Discrete Choice Models Defined - A Dictionary Definition of Discrete Choice Models. ... Com Resources on Discrete Choice Models: None ... economic models.
Dummy Variables - Economics - About.com
See More About. econometrics · dummy variables · economic models. Dummy Variables ... economic models. By Category. Economics Basics · Supply and ...
Cournot Models - Glossary - Dictionary Definition of Cournot Models
Definition of Cournot Models: A Cournot model is a generalization of the Cournot ... Business Cycles and Economic Growth · Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy ...
Introduction to Behavioral Economics - About.com
On one hand, traditional economic theory assumes that people are perfectly ... on the other hand, know better- they aim to develop models which account for the ...
Rostow's Stages of Economic Growth and Development - Geography
Discover Rostow's stages of economic growth and development, along with ... and in the process, have come up with many different models to explain this ...
Microeconomics Versus Macroeconomics - About.com
macroeconomic models explicitly make this connection. Most of the economic topics covered on television and in newspapers are of the macroeconomic variety, ...
Error Correction Models - Economics - About.com
economic models · econometrics ... Definition of Error Correction Models: An error-correction model is a dynamic ... Terms related to Error Correction Models:
Top 10 Economics Blogs You're Not Visiting (But Should Be)
Why I visit: I enjoy the analysis of U.S. economic data on issues such as housing ... but if you want high level discussion of macroeconomic models, Economic ...
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