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Introduction to Behavioral Economics
Behavioral economics is, in a way, at the intersection of economics and psychology. On one hand, traditional economic theory assumes that people are perfectly ...
Fields of Economics and Economics Careers - About.com
This category gives an overview of a number of subfields within economics and discusses some careers one ... Behavioral Economics (11); Game Theory (3).
Basic Assumptions of Economics - Preferences & Resources
This article discusses the basic assumptions of any Economics 101 or ' Economics ... What Are The Underlying Behavioral Assumptions of Economics? By Mike ...
Economist Dan Ariely - Economics - About.com
Dan Ariely is a professor of economics at Duke University. Professor Ariely specializes in the field of behavioral economics. You can see Professor Ariely's web ...
behavioral research - Market Research - About.com
Also Known As: behavioral economics. Alternate Spellings: behavior research. Common Misspellings: behavioural. Examples: In Models of Man, Herbert Simon  ...
Behavioral Finance - The Psychology Behind Investing
Also known as behavioral economics, it is the psychological study of what drives investor behavior and ultimately moves financial markets. It is a field that ...
Economic Rationality and Exponential Discounting - Economics
Fields of Eonomics and Economics Careers · Behavioral Economics ... One of the assumptions of economic rationality is that individuals are "time consistent"- ...
Miscellaneous Topics in Economics
General Economics. This section contains articles on economics in general. ... Economics. This section covers topics within the field of behavioral economics.
Preferences and Economic Rationality - Economics - About.com
Behavioral economists, on the other hand, don't simply take preferences as given and are instead interested in how individuals form preferences and how these ...
Rational Economic Valuation - Economics - About.com
Behavioral economists first demonstrated this phenomenon by conducting an experiment using coffee mugs and Cornell University students. In this experiment  ...
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