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Introduction to Behavioral Economics
Behavioral economics is, in a way, at the intersection of economics and psychology. On one hand, traditional economic theory assumes that people are perfectly ...
Fields of Economics and Economics Careers - About.com
This category gives an overview of a number of subfields within economics and discusses some careers one can ... Behavioral Economics (6); Game Theory (1).
Basic Assumptions of Economics - Preferences & Resources
This article discusses the basic assumptions of any Economics 101 or ' Economics ... What Are The Underlying Behavioral Assumptions of Economics?
Trick or treat for science: Kids become test subjects - LA Times
Oct 31, 2013 ... Behavioral economists are taking advantage of Halloween's steady stream of young doorbell ringers, using them in quick studies to gain insight ...
Economist Dan Ariely - Economics - About.com
Dan Ariely is a professor of economics at Duke University. Professor Ariely specializes in the field of behavioral economics. You can see Professor Ariely's web ...
behavioral research - Market Research - About.com
Also Known As: behavioral economics. Alternate Spellings: behavior research. Common Misspellings: behavioural. Examples: In Models of Man, Herbert Simon  ...
Behavioral Finance - The Psychology Behind Investing
Also known as behavioral economics, it is the psychological study of what drives investor behavior and ultimately moves financial markets. It is a field that ...
Introduction to Transaction Utility - Economics - About.com
I will call this Economic Principle #372: People Like To Feel Like They Got A Good Deal. Behavioral economist Richard Thaler would call it transaction utility.
Miscellaneous Topics in Economics
General Economics. This section contains articles on economics in general. ... Economics. This section covers topics within the field of behavioral economics.
Consumer Behavior and Zero Prices - Economics - About.com
It's no secret that people really like free stuff. In some cases, liking free stuff a lot could be considered economically rational behavior- after all, if an item has zero  ...
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