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Five Term Paper Suggestions - Economic Impact of SUVs
[Part 5: Tips on writing a term paper on the economic impact of SUVs]
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The SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) is one of the most popular types of vehicle to both own and drive. Last year, SUVs and minivans outsold conventional cars for the first time. However, the SUV is increasingly coming under attack for its fuel economy, emissions standards and safety record. Vehicle fuel efficiency across the US is now at its lowest level since 1980. However, in July, California governor Gray Davis signed legislation requiring the California Air Resources Board to develop regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles. This includes SUVs. California accounts for 13 percent of the nation's auto market, so manufacturers of cars, SUVs and trucks are sure to comply with the state's edict, if they cannot get it softened or overturned. This could have enormous economic impact on all of the United States.

Issues you may want to address in your economics and SUVs paper
  1. What impact does the lower fuel economy of SUVs have on the economy? (Think both in terms of the price at the pump and the price in health care, environment etc).
  2. What impact does the safety record of SUVs have on the economy?
  3. If passed what impact will the California bill that requires cuts in the tailpipe emissions of greenhouse gases by cars and light trucks have on SUVs and the economy?
Books on Economics and SUVs
  • High and Mighty: SUVs--The World's Most Dangerous Vehicles and How They Got That Way by Keith Bradsher Public Affairs, 2002.
  • Economics at the wheel: The costs of cars and drivers Richard C. Porter, San Diego; London and Toronto: Academic Press, 1999.
Newspaper and Magazine Articles on Economics and SUVs
Policy Papers on Economics and SUVs
Journal Articles on Economics and SUVs
  • Offsetting Behavior Effects of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards - John M. Yun, Economic Inquiry v40, n2 (April 2002): 260-70
  • Global Warming and Urban Smog: The Cost Effectiveness of CAFE Standards and Alternative Fuels - Alan J. Krupnick et. al, Resources for the Future, Energy and Natural Resources Division Discussion Paper: 1992.

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