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Marxism and Marxist Economics
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Given the horrible experiences of the Soviet Union, Cuba, and North Korean, Marxist Economics is no longer in the mainstream in the Western World. However there are some macroeconomists still studying Marxist Economics believing that one day a truly Marxist state can be formed.

A Primer on Marxist Economics
"One key point to understand is that Marxist economics is an economic theory of capitalism... What has been discredited is the Soviet-type economic system, which has little to do with the Marxist economic analysis of capitalism." A good introduction to Marxist economics.

Marxists.Org - Marxist Economics
Very extensive site on Marxist Economics. Contains a history of Marxist Economics and an Encyclopedia of Marxism.

A Short Introduction to Marxist Economics
Site contains news, articles, Marxist Theory and general resources on Marxist economics.

Marxist Economics at Marxism Made Easy
"Marxist economics are unfortunately quite tricky to grasp in a lot of detail. Part of the reason for this is that Marx was writing at a time when classical economics was in its prime... It is, however, possible to gain a basic understanding of Marxist economics without too much difficulty."

Economics from A-to-Z
Looking for information on "Money" or "Dow Jones"? Check out the new "Economics - From A to Z", which works like the index at the back of a book. A one-stop place to get all the information you need.

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